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Father Of The Groom Speech – My Story

Father Of The Groom Speech

Father Of The Groom Speech

Hi! My name is Henry and I want to welcome you to my blog. I started writing on this website because I wanted to share a few tips, from by own experience, regarding the father of the groom speech. You probably got here because you are looking for some speech examples for your son’s upcoming wedding (looking for some speech samples? Click here to download a PDF with 25 examples of speeches for the groom’s father).

I remember when my son got married, last summer, I was so stressed about the my speech, I couldn’t even get a good sleep a few nights before the wedding. I didn’t know what to say (it was my first wedding toast) and I had no idea where to start from.

Initially, I started searching the internet for tips and ideas for the father of the groom speech and found some nice examples of wedding toasts and I decided to follow the tips I found and start preparing my own speech. It sounds simple enough, it looks like a 2-hour job.

Well, it wasn’t like that. Actually, I spend the first day, the whole afternoon (more than 5 hours, I guess) gathering all the info about the most common father of the groom speech template which I should guide myself after. Then, I searched for tips about how to give the speech, because it seems like, no matter how good your toast is, if your presentation is poor, your whole speech will be a disaster.

After I found the basic structure of the speech, I thought the hardest part was gone, but actually that was the easy thing. The hardest part is coming up with your words to express exactly what you feel, how important this event is for you and what are your thought regarding the marriage of the newlyweds.


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